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Wilden® Specialty Pumps

Wilden High Pressure PumpWilden’s high pressure product line was designed to reliably transfer viscous, solid laden slurries at high head pressures. These air-operated, double diaphragm pumps are available with simplex or duplex technology. The simplex creates a 2:1 ratio while the duplex creates a 3:1 ratio. Wilden high pressure pump do not require costly booster or amplifiers to achieve this pressure output. Our powerful solutions will create profitable results in your application. Put us to the test.
• Variable flow rates
• Intrinsically safe
• Dead-head capability
• Flows up to 96 gpm and pressures up to 250 psig
• Available in 1”, 1.5” and 2” sizes

Wilden Stallion PumpsWilden’s Stallion® line of pumps can handle what miners demand: Durability, Portability, and Ease of Maintenance. The Stallion® pumps are designed to transfer solid-laden slurries safely and effectively. Increase internal clearances and a flow-through design results in larger solids passage capacity.
• Maximum portability (Collapsible handles)
• Intrinsically safe operation
• Shock absorbing screen base
• Submersible
• Larger solids passage
• Run-dry and dead-head ability
Wilden Flap Valve PumpThe Brahma™ flap valve pump from Wilden is Tough! Tougher than your hardest pumping applications. With its rugged design, enhanced durability, and outstanding performance the Brahma™ pump excels in extreme environments where other pump types fail. The Brahma™ pump frees up valuable maintenance man-hours with its dependability. Start it up, and walk away with the peace of mind that the Brahma will carry your process burden. The Brahma™ pump is the right choice for your application!
• Available in 2” and 3” sizes
• Aluminum or Ductile Iron construction
• Available with Wilden’s Turbo-Flo™, Pro-FloX™, and the most efficient air distribution system on the marker Pro-FloShift™
• Top Suction, Bottom Discharge
• Retrofitable to Warren Rupp® flap valve pumps.
• Suitable for Slurries and liquids with large solids.

Wilden 4in pumpThe Wilden™ 4” Original series clamped metal air operated double diaphragm pump ensures reliability without sacrificing ease of maintenance. With simple installation and easy serviceability, it’s ready for rugged utilitarian applications that applications that require a robust design.
• Valve ball pots allow you to removed debris from the valve seats without taking the pump out of service
• Cast-Iron construction with a variety of diaphragm and ball valve materials.
• Decades of proven performance
• Intrinsically safe
• Dead-head and run-dry capability
The Wilden PS20 has a cast iron wetted path and is available with center block materials in aluminum, polypropylene or stainless steel. Meeting CE and ATEX requirements, the pump features maximum discharge pressures to 8.6 bar (125 psig), maximum flow rates to 1048 lpm (277 gpm), and maximum suction lifts to 4.4 m (14.4’) dry and 8.6 m (28.4’) wet. Diaphragms are available in Buna-N, EPDM, Geolast®, Neoprene, Polyurethane, PTFE, Saniflex™, Viton® and Wil-Flex™.

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