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Wilden® Diaphragm Technology

Wilden diaphragms are engineered to optimize the performance of Wilden AODD pumps. With the largest selection of AODD diaphragms in the world Wilden ensures that your unique application is fully met with the best possible diaphragm, ranging from aggressive fluids to petroleums/oils to seawater. Wilden recognizes the important role proper diaphragm selection plays in AODD performance. They have dedicated a micro web site to diaphragm technology.
Link to Wilden Diaphragm Micro Site

Other resources include:
Chemical Compatibility Guide
Wilden Full Stroke PTFE Brochure
Wilden EZ Install Brochure
White Paper on Diaphragm Selection

Wilden also provides an on-line look up guide for a wide range of chemicals. Search Chemical Compatability

Wilden® Pump now has available its new Full Stroke PTFE (Teflon®) Diaphragms for use on all of standard-setting AODD pump lines.
The full-stroke design of these new diaphragms results in improved pump performance. This is the result of increased product displacement per stroke, translating into greater flow rates and higher efficiencies than are found in pumps that operate with reduced-stroke PTFE diaphragms.
One benefit of the new Full Stroke PTFE Diaphragms is that they use the same shaft and piston combinations as Wilden®’s standard rubber and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) diaphragms, meaning they are easily retrofittable to existing pumps without the need for any extra components. The new Full Stroke PTFE Diaphragms re available on 1-, 1.5, 2, and 3 inch pumps.
Download PTFE Diaphragm Brochure

full stroke

Rubber and Ultraflex DiaphragmsUltraFlex

Wilden® developed Ultra-Flex technology to make it the longest-lasting rubber compound diaphragms in the industry. Ultra-Flex technology incorporates revolutionary design concepts, which reduce internal stress. The reduction of this stress is the key to long diaphragm life. Traditional and dome-shaped diaphragms re-form as the pump operates which induces high stress levels in the rubber and fabric. Wilden®'s Ultra-Flex diaphragm is molded in a convulate shape such that stress concentration is minimized throughout its entire stroke length. Â Controlled fabric placement decreases tensile loading to further reduce stress. An additional benefit attributed to this fabric placement technique is increased abrasion resistance. The diaphragm is available in Buna-N, Nordel®, Neoprene, Viton® materials.

EZ Install Wilflex DiaphragmsEZ Install

Wilden® Pump has upgraded the design of its cost-effective Wil-Flex Diaphragms to allow for easier installation. The Wil-Flex diaphragms are now available in a flat profile design, eliminating the need to invert the diaphragm when rebuilding a pump.
Made of Santoprene®, which is a thermoplastic elastomer that links EPDM (ethylene propylene diene Monomer) rubber and polypropylene, Wil-Flex diaphragms are an excellent low-cost alternative to PTFE diaphragms. Their design characteristics make them ideal for use in Paint & Coatings applications due to long flex life, ability to easy handle abrasion and wide swing in pH levels. Because of their thermoplastic qualities, Wil-Flex diaphragms have inherent tensile strength and do not need fabric reinforcement.
Wil-Flex diaphragms are currently available for use on the Advanced Series Metal 25mm (1”) bolted stainless steel and aluminum, 38mm 1-1/2”) bolted stainless steel, and 76mm (3”) bolted stainless steel and aluminum models. Wilden®’s Advanced bolted pumps also include the Pro-Flo X air distribution system that allows the pump user to control the flow rate and maximize efficiency to reduce processing costs.

Download EZ Install Brochure

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