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Wilden® Clamped Pumps

Wilden PX8

Wilden®'s legendary Clamped Series pumps were designed for demanding utilitarian type of applications that require a robust design. The clamped configuration is a classic design that evolved from 1955 with the invention of Jim Wilden®'s first air operated double diaphragm pump. The pumps originally used the "M" Series designation, such as M2, M4, M8 and M15. The designation has been changed to the "T" Series, for Turbo-Flo and the designations are T2, T4, T8 and T15.
The Clamped Series pumps ensure reliability without sacrificing ease of maintenance. Wilden®'s metal pump line lends itself to various processes and waste applications.
Wilden® also offers a multitude of elastomer options including Teflon PTFE, to meet your abrasion, temperature, and chemical compatibility concerns.
Available with Accu-Flo, Pro-Flo, Pro-Flo Shift or Turbo-Flo air distribution systems in sizes 1/4", 1/2", 1-1/2", 2", 3" and 4".

How to read a Wilden® performance curve

Determine the flow rate your application requires and calculate the Total Discharge Head. Plot the intersection of the discharge head on the vertical axis to the flow rate on the horizontal axis. Now the air supply pressure and air supply volume can be extracted from the curve. Simply locate the line closest to this intersection and follow it to the vertical axis to the left. This is the air supply pressure needed to provide the flow rate you require at the given discharge head. Next locate the red line closest to the intersection and follow it up to where the numbers are provided. These numbers indicate the air supply volume needed to provide the flow rate you require at the given discharge head.

Flow Curve

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