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Drum Pump Kit

Drum Pump

The inherent features of the Wilden® air-operated pump and Accu-Flo™ pump technology allow it to excel as a utilitarian drum pump. Various speed and pressure capability, the ability to run dry, self-prime and dead-head offers you flexibility at a low cost. The Wilden® universal drum pump kit enables Wilden® ¼ and ½ pumps to adapt directly to drums for cost-effective, efficient liquid transfer.
The kit is available in a variety of materials for compatibility with virtually any fluid. The drum pump adapter is available in a 2" NPT male connection suitable for installment on most drums. The standard length of the pick-up tube is 36". The tube can be cut to accommodate various drum sizes: 5-gallon, 55-gallon, etc.
Nylon or Polypropylene
Nylon, Teflon®, or Polypropylene

Wilden® Wil-Gard IIIWilgard
The Wil-Gard detects diaphragm failure at the source: the primary diaphragm, not at the air chamber or the air exhaust as do other systems. This is accomplished by utilizing sensors located between Teflon® primary diaphragms and back-up (containment) diaphragms within each side of the Wilden® pump. When the sensors detect conductive fluid, an audible alarm, high brightness LED, and an internal latching relay are activated while the back-up diaphragms offer containment. The relay gives you the ability to activate external components such as isolation valves or air shut-off valves. The systems leads to an increase in containment, a reduction in fugitive emissions, and a reduction in down time and maintenance costs with 24-hour pump surveillance.
110V AC,220V AC, or 9V DC battery operation
Max. 2 Amps @ 250 Volts
4.54 Micro-Siemens

Wilden® Pump Cycle Monitor PCMI
The Wilden® PCMI Pump Cycle Monitor, counts pump cycles by sensing the presence of the air valve piston (on the Turbo-Flo™) or air valve spool (on the Pro-Flo™). The Sensor, located at the air valve end cap, detects the presence of a magnet located at the end of the air valve piston/spool.
The PCMI unit registers a complete pump cycle when the piston/spool shifts away from the sensor and subsequently returns to the original position. The counter resets itself to zero automatically after reaching 100 million cycles. The PCMI unit has a reset switch located on the face of the PCMI module that can be manually activated

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