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Wilden® - Air Operated, Double Diaphragm Pumps

Since 1955 Wilden® has been the market leader in air-operated double-diaphragm pumps. Wilden® is deeply committed to the pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction, research & development and market knowledge. As a premiere organization, Wilden® has the infrastructure, knowledge base, and intellectual capital to exceed customer expectations worldwide.

Our intense efforts to develop new technology and listen to ever changing market dynamics gives us the ability to solve your tough pumping applications today. Our knowledge base combined with new technology will give you the confidence when selecting a trustworthy solution for your process.

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Wilden® Pro-Flo® Shift

Different Air Distribution System technologies have different impacts on air consumption, energy use and overall flow rate of a double diaphragm pump. The Wilden Pro-Flo® Shift ADS addresses the overfilling waste of traditional AODD pumps, providing considerable savings by decreasing air consumption while still maintaining the same fluid volume output to provides savings and output efficiencies when compared to other systems. Wilden presents hard data on head-to-head comparisons of the top AODD brands to prove the efficiency of the Pro-Flo® Shift air system.
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Wilden® Bolted Pumps

Wilden®' has re-engineered their bolted pump line to provide pumps that FIT the same inlet and outlet dimensions of their clamped pumps. When combined with the ProFlo Shift air valve, these pumps provide unsurpassed efficiency and flow capacity. The wide variety of elastomers available make Wilden pumps well suited for many chemical applications.
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Wilden® Pumps for Dangerous Chemicals

The Pump Solutions Group has developed a web microsite specifically designed to show how Wilden®® and Almatec® pumps can safely handle and transfer dangerous media with the use highly specialized, innovative Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm pumps. The site has a review of pump technologies, market data, and resources, including videos of various products and white papers. Check out this helpful website.

Wilden® Original Series Clamped Pumps

Wilden®'s revolutionary Advanced™ Series pumps were specifically designed for maximum performance and efficiency. The bolted configuration of these pumps ensures total product containment while the redesigned liquid path reduces internal friction to maximize output and efficiency. A variety of elastomer options, including Teflon® PTFE, are available to meet abrasion, temperature, and chemical compatibility concerns. The Advanced™ Series metal pumps are offered in die cast aluminum, stainless steel and alloy C. A variety of options such as ANSI and DIN flanges and specialized air distribution systems are available to meet your specific application requirements.
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Wilden® Diaphragm Technology

Wilden® offers a range of materials and types of diaphragms to meet you process requirements. From Teflon PTFE to common elastomer materials, we have the right diaphragm for you. Now advances such as full stroke PTFE and EZ-Install Wilflex Diaphragms compliment the wide range of diaphragms offered by Wilden®.
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Wilden® Stallion® Pumps Wilden Stallion Pumps

The Stallion® air operated pump series is designed to transfer solid-laden slurries safely and effectively. It is an ideal pump for mine dewatering. Large internal clearance and flow-through design keep the pump from clogging while Wilden®'s patented air distribution maintains ON/OFF reliability. Stallion® technology incorporates an altered ball/seat check valve assembly maximizes part life, increases suction lift, and maximizes flow rates. Ultra-Flex" diaphragm technology increases parts life by utilizing sacrificial rubber and a controlled flex pattern. A polyurethane screen base has been added to the inlet of the pump for added durability.
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Wilden® Sanitary Pumps

Wilden® is a global leader in air operated, double diaphragm sanitary pumps and offers a wide range of solutions for various food, beverage and dairy applications. With the development of its Saniflo™ Hygienic Series™ (HS) line of AODD pumps and pulsation dampeners, Wilden® offers the versatility, safety and capability of efficiently pumping a wide range of viscosities, solids and shear-sensitive products. The HS line of pumps is designed to meet strict guidelines established for sanitary process applications such as FDA, 3A and EHEDG.
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Air Distribution Systems

The Wilden® air distribution systems have evolved from the original brass air valve designed by Jim Wilden®. The brass air valve with anodized aluminum piston is a rugged design still used today. But to meet the demands to reduce the need to lubricate pumps, and proivde more more efficient systems to reduce energy costs, The Pro-Flo Shift air systems represents a significant breakthrough in energy efficiency and overall cost of operation for AODD pumps.

High Pressure Pumps

Wilden® offers a range of air operated, high pressure diaphragm pumps amplifies the inlet air pressure to produce 2-3 times the discharge pressure. These pumps are used to pump lubricants, feed a filter press and move viscous liquids.


Wilden® offers a range of accessories for the double diaphragm pumps, including drum pump kits, pulsation dampeners and pump cycle monitoring hardware.

How to read a Wilden® Flow Curve

Wilden® EOM’s provide the formal information you need for your pump. The updated Wilden® website allows you to search based on air system, pump size, type and even brand. If you would like a customized list of spare parts for your pump, we will be happy to provide one of you.

We specialize in air operated, double diaphragm pumps

G&W Industrial Sales not only sells Wilden® pumps, but we offer service and parts for all major competitive brands, including Graco, ARO, Warren Rupp, Versatmatic, and Yamada. If you need parts for your pump, give us a call at 304-422-4755.

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Other Pump Solutions Group Brands

The Pump Solutions Group of Dover Corporation was formed earlier this year to provide cohesion, synergies and value to customers with a superior family of pump products. PSG’s broad array of premiere pump brands include Wilden®, Blackmer, Mouvex, Neptune, Almatec, and Griswold. G&W Industrial Sales can now provide you any of these pumps to help your fluid transfer solution.
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