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G&W Industrial Sales and the companies we represent can provide a variety of product training seminars, including lunch and learn training as well as maintenance training. Some of the seminars we provide include:

BS&B Safety Systems Rupture Disk Maintenance Seminar

This two hours seminar is designed for those who install rupture disks. It reviews the types of disks and safety heads, provides field failure analysis, and demonstrates proper installation of safety heads with proper torque. The class is designed to meet OSHA training requirements and a test is done to certify the training has occurred.

Download a maintenance seminar outline

BS&B Safety Systems Rupture Disk Technical Seminar

BS&B provides a Technical Seminar for Engineers who specify rupture disks. The seminar reviews the history of the rupture disk from the first forward acting rupture disk through the newer reverse buckling disk technology. The seminar incorporates a test stand which allows the demonstration of disk opening characteristics.

Download a technical seminar outline

Fundamentals of Fluid Mixing

Lightnin provides a Fundamentals of Mixing Seminar tailored to a customer’s specific requirements. Whether it be a discussion on side entering mixers, fermentation, or high viscosity mixing, Lightnin has the experience and expertise to provide answers to your mixing questions.

Air Operated, Double Diaphragm Pumps

We specialize in air operated, double diaphragm pumps. We provide technical seminars to show how the pumps work and the air systems behind the pumps. We work with mechanics to review best repair practices.

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