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A Line Blind is a safety device that is used to Shut Off (or blind off) the product flow in a process pipe. This is done to isolate a piece of process pipe, or equipment such as storage tanks. The typical configuration for line isolation is to use a block valve with a Line Blind downstream from the block valve. Isolation valves can leak, therefore causing an unsafe and dangerous situation. The use of a Line Blind to guarantee 100% positive shut-off.
Isolating with a Line Blind provides a 100% positive shut-off, which can be visually checked by maintenance staff so that work can be safely done downstream from the Line Blind.
Traditional methods to shut off a process line can be dangerous and are time consuming to carry out. The chart below illustrates the advantages of a Quick Line Blind versus traditional pipe isolation using blind plates.
Strahman offers one of the largest range of Lind Blinds considering choice of design, size, materials, flexibility to meet special technical requirements and quick delivery needs. From cryogenic solutions to high temperature and high pressure designs, Strahman offers a wide range of Line Blind designs. To best serve our customers, Strahman stocks Line Blinds from 1/2” (DN15) to 24” (DN600) in 150 lb. and 300 lb. pressure classes.
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• 100% positive line isolation and ZERO leakage
• Safe, easy and fast blinding by any operator. (30 sec. to 5 minutes / one person)
• No line spreading required to change spectacle plate due to unique non-spreading Cam design. Therefore, zero pipe stress during change of spectacle plate.
• Cost savings due to one man operation (see table page 5) and the fact that no tools such as cranes, bolts, nuts etc. are required.
• Auto positioning of the spectacle plate
• Seal rings easy to change
• Non-spreading Cam system offers friction free spectacle movement protecting and increasing seal ring lifetime
• Optional locking devices in various designs available
• Optional gasket protection plates available
• Use of easy to get, standard O-rings
• Optional automation available (electric, air cylinders, air motors, hydraulic)
• Optional drain valve available.

• Catalyst Service
• Decoking Line
• FCCU Fractionator isoloation
• Flare Gas Line
• Ethylene Furnace
• Steam and Vapor Line

• Chemical Cleaning Isolation
• Filteration Systems
• Loading Stations
• Mixing Lines • Reactor Blowdown
• Regeneration Gas Line
• Transfer Line

• LNG Ship
• Inert Gas Ssytem
• Shipboat lines
• Vesel Inlet

• Coke Oven Gas
• Blast Furnace Gas

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