Strahman Washdown Equipment

Strahman Process Valves and Washdown Equipment

Headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania USA, Strahman Valves is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of high quality Wash Down Equipment and Industrial Valve products. Since 1921, the Company has earned a reputation for developing innovative solutions to complex problems and providing long-term reliable products that provide superior performance and world-leading value. Strahman has become the standard for numerous industries including chemical, petrochemical, polymer, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food processing, beverage, dairy, mining as well as pulp and paper. Strahman Sample Valve

Sample Valves

Strahman sampling valves extract or add fluid directly from/to the pipeline. They can be used under high pressure or even high vacuum conditions. Strahman’s line of sampling valves produces samples without failure. (Sediment or clogging cannot stop this valve from producing a live sample.) In the closed position, the valve piston extends to the inner surface of the pipe (or further) and prevents any possibility of the valve inlet becoming plugged. When the valve is in the open position, the piston retracts into the bonnet allowing a full flow.
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Steam / Water Mix Stations

Strahman Mix Station

As a single unit, Strahman's mixing unit-hose stations produce wash water from the following sources:

  • Instant hot water from steam and cold water (M-5000/M-5700 Series)
  • Blended hot and cold water (M-159/M-750 Series)
  • Hot or cold water (M-156N/M-756/M-358 Series)

  • Standard Strahman mixing units are constructed from bronze with internal parts of stainless steel. Most models are also available chrome-plated or made entirely of stainless steel. Stainless steel mixing units and hose stations will not discolor, are easy to clean, and are ideal for use in special water applications, including those using ionized or purified water.
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    Strahman Nozzles

    Strahman Nozzle

    Many of our customers have said Strahman spray nozzles are the best on the market. That is because Strahman combines modern and innovative engineering with premium quality parts to build hose nozzles strong enough to withstand even the most rugged applications. All of Strahman’s spray nozzles are available in black, white or red. Special assembly for food grade is also available. This rubber-coated, precision-made nozzle enables the operator to achieve any type of stream of water - from a soft spray to a strong, straight stream - simply by pressing the lever. This convenient control of the wash assures better cleaning with a lot less effort. Nozzle Styles include:

  • M-70 Bronze Series Spray Nozzle
  • M-70 Low Flow Bronze Series Spray Nozzle
  • S-70 Series Stainless Steel Spray Nozzle
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    Process Valves

    Strahman Process Valve

    Process Valves including high-pressure metal seated ball valves and gate valves, metal seated butterfly valves, multi-way diverter valves, in-line piston and disc valves and spray-rinse valves for use in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and other industries.
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    Strahman Drain Valve

    Drain Valves

    Tank Bottom, Flush Bottom, Inline Valves Strahman drain valves are used on process vessels and reactors and are designed so that they cannot clog. They are ideal for use in liquid and gas service or with slurries, polymers, and high viscosity fluids, which may solidify at room temperature. Drain Valves are available in Disc Type or Plunger Type
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    Line Blinds

    Strahman Line Blind

    Total equipment isolation valves are never 100% reliable. For this reason, most safety regulations demand positive shut-off devices like line blinds Strahman offers the most complete and diverse series of line blinds in the world. While most types of line blinds require movement of the adjacent piping prior to changing from open to closed positions, the Strahman LineBlind does not require movement of piping.
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