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Spectrom PartsSpectrom Aftermarket AODD Pump Parts provides a full line of parts for all brands of air-operated double diaphragm pumps. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and validating critical industrial pump components. Their understanding of pump applications and market knowledge has been earned through years of experience designing, testing, and manufacturing air operated, double-diaphragm pump components.

Our goal is simple: reduce your costs while maximizing your Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). Spectrom is not a typical after-market part supplier. We do not simply sell pump parts; we provide an entire procurement solution. Our unique network enables us to purchase effectively resulting in a low cost to you. We also know that a low purchase price is not enough. G&W Industrial Sales is structured to provide valuable and timely pre-sale and post-sale support. We don’t just fit you into a generic system; we develop a specific solution to get results. Spectrom offers parts for the following air-operated pumps: ARO, WARREN RUPP, YAMADA and GRACO
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Gore™ ONE-UP® Laminated Diaphragms

Gore™ ONE-UP®diaphragms are available through Spectrom Aftermarket Pump Parts. Gore™ ONE-UP® diaphragms have proven to increase Mean Time Between Repair MTBR in harsh applications by providing longer flex life. This laminated two-piece diaphragm has been proven to be successful in industries including chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, paint, solvents, detergent manufacturing and wastewater treatment. Documented case studies have shown service life to be 3.5 times longer than conventional PTFE diaphragms. You can count on Gore™ ONE-UP® to provide increased reliability, maximum containment, and the quality your business deserves. Available for the following makes of air-operated pumps: ALMATEC. ARO, DEPA, BLAGDON, FLOTRONICS, GRACO, VERDER, VERSAMATIC, WARREN RUPP, Wilden®, YAMADA.
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