Services for G&W Product Lines

G&W Industrial Sales supports the products line with in house service and service provided by Principals such as Lightnin. We offer Technical Seminars along with lunch and learns to show the latest products offerings. Click on the link below to see what is available a few individual product lines. Keep in mind service and training is available for all product lines.

BS&B Installation Instructions

To ensure the most precise performance of a rupture disk, regardless of design, BS&B publishes torque values for both pre-torqued safety head recessed capscrews and for the adjacent companion flange studs. Both torque values are significant. Call us with any questions on torque.
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BS&B Technical Seminar

BS&B can provide a Technical Seminar to discuss the most up to date rupture disk technology, as well as accessories and monitoring equipment to ensure the most reliable performance. Call us to set up a lunch and learn technical seminar.
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BS&B Maintenance Seminar

BS&B Maintenance Seminars are designed to provide training by a BS&B traineer that meets OSHA requirements for training. The seminar is typically around 2 hours in length, and includes a short written test to demonstrate the attendees have learned the material. Call us to schedule a seminar.
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Griswold Rotating AssemblyRotating Assembly

Griswold’s shaft assemblies come pre-assembled with the shaft, inboard and outboard bearings, bearings housing, labyrinth seals and miscellaneous parts in one package. All components are inspected and assembled to strict standards in a “clean” environment.
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Lightnin Aftermarket Services

Lightnin Aftermarket Services provide a range of mixing support services, that are customized to meet the needs of each individual customer. The services include, but are not limited to: Lightnin Service Programs Include:
•Installation Management – A Lightnin Service Technician can oversee the proper installation of your Lightnin mixer and answer any questions that arise.
•Commissioning – If a Lightnin Service Technician oversees the commissioning process it can result in double the standard LIGHTNIN warranty!
•Preventative Maintenance Suggestions/Tips By Product – A Lightnin Service Technician will work with you to review your current PM practices and provide advice on any improvements which can be made.
•Exchange Services – Lightnin has a stock of gear boxes which are used to exchange your worn out gearbox in a matter of days, rather than weeks.
•Equipment Audits – Lightnin equipment audit services helps reduce costly unplanned downtime and maximizes the return on capital investments.
•Inventory Audits – Lightnin can work with you to review your spare parts inventory and make recommendations to reduce cost where possible.
•Equipment Upgrades – The RMX and CMX programs offer a range of equipment upgrade programs designed to replace obsolete or competitive equipment with new Lightnin gearboxes.

Lightnin Aftermarket Overview
Lightnin Exchange Services
Lightnin Installation Management Service
Lightnin CMX Case Study
Lightnin Commissioning Services

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Lightnin Tank Volume Calculator

The Lightnin Tank Volume Calculator is an on-line tool which allows you to easily calculate the volume of any tank by inputting the tank dimensions.
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Neptune Demonstration: Metering Pumps Purge Accumulated Gas

PSG’s Netptune™ Chemical Pump Company is a leading manufacturer of chemical metering and peristaltic pumps. In this video, a brief demonstration of a Neptune metering pump purging accumulated gas is shown.

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Wilden® ID My Pump Tool

Wilden now has a useful webpage that helps you identify your pump, either via a series of pictures, or by simply plugging in your serial number. The serial number lookup retains the item number and complete pump models listing. Other links on the website allow you to find all the manual and collateral literature for your specific pump.
Go to the Wilden ID my pump website

Wilden® Repair Kit Lookup

Wilden’s updated parts kit program has significantly lowered costs and simplified ordering while providing genuine Wilden parts. On the website linked below, you can enter your pump model number and find the appropriate air end and wet end kit numbers. We have also provided a Kit legend chart to help you define the kit you need. If all else fails, give us a call, we would love to help you.
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Download the Air Kit and Wet Kit Legend Charts

Wilden® Pump Maintenance Seminar

G &W Industrial sales will provide an air operated, double diaphragm pump maintenance seminar tailored to your needs. This can range from a classroom seminar reviewing the complete Wilden® product line, to a bench top pump repair, with explanations and tips presented while the repair is done. Contact us and tell us how we can help you.

Wilden® Pilot Spool Inspection Video

This video shows how to diagnose a worn or missing cap seal on a pilot spool for Wilden® Pro-Flo, Pro-Flo V, or Pro-Flo X pump. It shows an example of the damaged spool and then runs a pump with a damaged spool to demonstrate what it sounds like. Note the erratic shifting and the excessive air released through the bleed port.
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Wilden® Diaphragm Inverter Video

Here is a brief video on one of the many ways to invert a diaphragm on a Wilden® 2” pump, using a vacuum generator.
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