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Plas-Tanks engineers to your specifications. We always adapt to meet your needs and comply with your requirements. Our engineers use state of the art computer generated design calculations and drawings.
Plas-Tanks' mission is to provide solutions to material storage or processing problems through the effective fabrication of reinforced plastic products.
Benefits of FRP
• Lasts 5 to 10 times longer than steel in corrosive environments.
• As fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) does not rust, there is no need for painting or reclading.
• Adapts to heat, stress, conductivity and climate conditions.
• Superior corrosion resistance in many applications versus rubber lined and bare metal.
• More slip resistant than metal.
• As FRP is non-conductive, electrical equipment can not short out.
• Ignition resistant with the addition of brominated materials.
• Good insulating material with reasonable thermal expansion properties with efficient heat tracing from bottom of vessel with Plasta-therm.
• Properly formulated resins allow for fiberglass reinforced plastics to be FDA compliant.
• No trace metallic contamination within the contents of the tank.
• Adhesive strength and elongation of resins can act to absorb equipment vibration.

Fiberglass Reinforced Tanks are suitble for use in many chemical and water treatment applications.

• water
• wastewater treatment
• food
• air purification
• pulp and paper
• chemical
• Scrubbbers
• Sodium Hypochlorite


Plas-Tanks Industries is an ASME RTP-1 certified fabricator. ASME RTP-1 is the most comprehensive and active standard in the industry for reinforced thermoset plastic (RTP) equipment.

Plas-Tanks is among a small group of certified companies that are able to design, fabricate and code stamp fiberglass vessels. Plas-Tanks has been actively involved with the development of the standard since its inception and serves as a voting member at the subcommittee level.

Plas-Tanks is audited annually through unannounced visits by ASME. Shop employees are qualified through an independent, accredited testing lab and a recertification process is completed every three years.

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