Paul Mueller Temp-Plate

Paul Mueller Temp-Plate Heat Transfer Surface

Temp-Plate is a highly versatile panel-type heat exchanger that can be welded, formed, or fitted to meet your exact needs. It can be applied in irregular shapes, at high pressures, high temperatures, or in corrosive environments, and can be used as an immersion, clamp-on, or integral heat transfer surface.


  • Available in most materials.
  • High operating pressures.
  • High operating temperatures.
  • No gaskets required.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Easily formed to fit the shape you need.
  • Cutouts are easily provided.
  • Thermally efficient types of heat transfer:
  • Immersion heating and cooling.
  • Clamp-on heating, cooling, and temperature maintenance.
  • Integral jacketing for heating and cooling.
  • Custom heat exchanger design.
  • Evaporators.
  • Condensers.
  • Easily cleanable, attractive finishes available.
  • Low pressure drop design.
  • Food-grade designs available.
  • More active heat transfer surface available

  • Banks of Temp-Plate
  • Clamp on Sections
  • Cooling Cones
  • Cooling Tank Shells
  • Cryogenic Shrouds
  • Evaporator Pans
  • Flue Gas Reheaters
  • Frost and Steam Pans
  • Immersion Sections
  • Internal Baffles
  • Water Chillers

Paul Mueller Company offers their hxrx sizing software for customer use. You can use it to size either plate heat exchangers or temp-plate heat transfer surface. Accu-Calc allows you to size up your Accu-Therm Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger. Accu-Therm heat exchangers provide very efficient and cost effective heat transfer while taking up very little floor space.

Link to hxrx.com

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