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Accu-Therm® Plate Heat Exchangers


Mueller Accu-Therm plate heat exchangers (PHEs) are designed to provide you worry-free, highly efficient heat transfer whether you are processing simple fluids, viscous solutions, or particulates.

Why Use an Accu-Therm®?

The advantages of the Accu-Therm® begin with its design. Plate heat exchangers deliver greater efficiency, lower cost, easier cleaning and maintenance, and closer approach temperatures than any other heat transfer technology. Compared to shell-and-tube heat exchangers, PHEs of similar capacity require approximately one tenth of the floor space and are easy to expand.

Why Buy an Accu-Therm®?

The Accu-Therm® plate heat exchanger stands apart from the rest because it is available with a wide array of plate sizes and configurations. This means we can custom build your heat exchanger to suit your application and heat transfer requirements better than any other manufacturer. Our plates are available in sizes from 0.5 to 25 square feet. We have several plate geometries for different heat transfer effects. And there’s even an exclusive “free-flow” plate design made especially for slurry processing.

How Does an Accu-Therm® Work?

Each Accu-Therm® PHE consists of a series of grooved plates that are individually gasketed and pressed tightly together by compression bolts within a frame. Fluids enter and exit the PHE through portholes in one or both ends of the frame. Within the heat exchanger, the fluid to be heated (or cooled) flows down one side of each plate, while the heating (or cooling) medium flows in the opposite direction on the other side of the plate. The temperature difference created by these opposite flows makes the closest possible approach temperature for maximum heat transfer efficiency.

"Free-Flow"" Plate Heat Exchangers

Mueller also offers the expandable, lightweight Accu-Therm® “Free-Flow” plate heat exchanger, which features a clever heat transfer plate designed with a more open fluid-flow channel, making it ideal for viscous products, slurries, and effluent streams that contain particles and fibers which can block the flow channels and plug up conventional heat exchangers. Each medium is individually gasketed in the “Free-Flow” plate heat exchanger, making it ideal for applications where product contamination cannot be tolerated. In addition, these compact units are easy to disassemble and clean, which means less down-time and cost during maintenance.

Automotive – Phosphate tank heaters, seal water coolers, plating solution cooling, paint heating, welder water cooling, induction heater cooling, hydraulic oil coolers, quench oil heat exchangers, and cooling tower isolation.

  • ◆Brewing – Brine cooling, water heating, and wort cooling.
  • ◆Caustic Soda – Caustic coolers, acid coolers, hydrogen gas coolers, and brine heaters and coolers.
  • ◆Chemical – Process interchangers, brine heating and cooling, process water isolation condensers, acid heating and cooling, and gas scrubber heaters and coolers.
  • ◆ Food – Sugar refining, fructose solution heating and cooling, whiskey recuperators, yeast coolers, starch coolers and heaters, corn syrup cooling, and edible-oil heaters and coolers.
  • ◆ HVAC – Cooling tower isolation, free cooling, heat pump systems, thermal storage systems, condenser water heat recovery, district heating and cooling, sea-water isolation, geo-thermal heating, engine cooling, lube oil cooling, fuel oil heating, generator cooling, and heating water with steam.
  • ◆ Marine – Seawater isolation/exchanger.
  • ◆ Metal Working – Quench oil coolers, plating heaters and coolers, anodizer heaters and coolers, strike solution cooling, and pickling tank heating.
  • ◆Petroleum – Oil refining, natural gas processing, offshore drilling, and petrochemical processing.
  • ◆Power – Auxiliary cooling circuit isolation, condenser water isolation, co-generation applications, geo-thermal applications, refuse burning applications, lubrication oil cooling, and diesel engine cooling and heat recovery.
  • ◆Pulp and Paper – Digester heaters, blow-down liquor coolers, caustic soda coolers, boiler blow-down heat recovery, white water, and black liquor heating.
  • ◆Steel – Scrubber coolers, jacket water coolers, slab induction heating coolers, hydraulic oil cooling, mold water cooling, refractory liner cooling, roll oil cooling, and cooling of continuous casting installations.
  • ◆Textile – Heat recovery, caustic solution heating and cooling, washers, and dye concentrate heating.

Paul Mueller Company offers their hxrx sizing software for customer use. You can use it to size either plate heat exchangers or temp-plate heat transfer surface. Accu-Calc allows you to size up your Accu-Therm Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger. Accu-Therm heat exchangers provide very efficient and cost effective heat transfer while taking up very little floor space.

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