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Neptune sells a variety of small economical mixers. The mixers can be either direct drive or gear driven. Neptune also sell mixers specifically designed for drum and tote mixing.

Small Batch Mixers – Neptune A and B Series

A and B Series mixers direct drive small mixers. These economically priced mixers work extremely well in small batch mixing application with water like viscosity. All Neptune mixers come standard with 316 Stainless Steel construction. Some units are available with PVC coating upon request. The maximum shaft length for the A and B series is 32” to 35”. Shaft diameter is either ½” or 5/8”. TEFC, XP and Air Motors available.

Small Direct Drive Mixers - BN Series

BN Series mixers are Neptune’s premier line of small direct drive mixers. BN Series mixers are best for small batch mixing applications with low viscosity fluids. To help select which BN Series mixer is right for your application, refer to Neptune’s mixer selection guide.

Large Direct Drive Mixers - JD Series

Neptune’s JD Series is engineered to meet the needs of a large direct drive mixer with a housing that cannot leak oil. JD Series mixers are best for mixing applications handling viscosities under 1,000 cP and handling up to 500 gallons (1,893 liters). To help select which JD Series mixer is right for your application, refer to Neptune’s mixer selection guide. Shaft lengths 36” to 60” are available.

Large Gear Drive Mixers - JG Series

Neptune_JG_Mixer Neptune’s JG Series is the most powerful gear drive mixer Neptune has to offer. JG Series is best for difficult mixing applications handling viscosities ranging from 100 cP to 25,000 cP and handling up to 5,000 gallons (18,927 liters). To help select which JG Series mixer is right for your application, refer to Neptune’s mixer selection guide. Shaft lengths 48” to 72”.

Bulk Container / Tote Mixers - JGT Series, RGT Series, and HGL Series

Neptune offers a variety of bulk container gear drive mixers with bung or bracket mount capabilities depending on the application requirements. Neptune’s JGT Series and RGT Series mixers mount to the tank or optional bracket. Neptune’s HGL Series mounts to a 2" (50.8 mm) coupling or flange. All bulk container mixer propellers fold to fit through 2" (50.8 mm) opening and opens to 9" (229 mm) operating diameter.

Drum Mixers - E and F Series, H and HGS Series

Neptune offers a complete line of bung entering drum mixers. Neptune’s E and F Series drum mixers are equipped to handle low viscosity/water-like liquids that use a folding propeller for proper drum installation. Neptune’s H and HGS Series are equipped with permanent blades to have the capability to handle more viscous fluids up to 32,000 cPs. All drum series mixers fit through the standard 2" (51 mm) bung on 55-gallon (208 liter) drums.

Specialty Mixers

Pipe and Pail-Mount, Hand-Held Hand-Held Mixers Neptune hand-held mixers are air-driven mixers that feature a cast aluminum pistol grip that comfortable fit the hand. These mixers are best used to mix small batches of thin or viscous liquids such as paints, adhesives, drywall compounds, etc. These mixers also include an air control valve to easily change the speed to adjust for varying viscosities.
Pail Mixer – Pipe Clamp Neptune's pail mixers with pipe clamps are ideal for mixing materials in 5-gallon (19-liter) containers and other open containers. The pail mixers clamp to vertical 1-1/2" in. (38 mm) pipe which allows lowered into container and raised to change containers. Pail Mixer – Rim Clamp
Neptune's pail mixers with rim clamps are convenient for mixing materials in 5-gallon (19-liter) closed pails. The handle/motor assembly adjusts along the center line of the pail to align with the opening in pail lid. Handle Bar Mixer

Neptune™ offers a complete line of portable mixers for a wide variety of critical blending and mixing operations. Engineered to provide a long life and trouble-free operation, Neptune mixers are ideally suited for the following applications:

  • 1. Blending liquids
  • 2. Suspending or dissolving solids
  • 3. Dispersing immiscible liquids
  • 4. Dispersing small amounts of gases in liquids

Neptune mixers can be clamp- or base-mounted on beams, tank walls and other supports (angle of entry may be adjusted to meet specific mixing requirements).
Neptune mixers are used in a variety of industrial applications,such as
  • waste water treatment mixing
  • water treatment mixing
  • batch chemical mixing
  • chemical preparation

These portable mixers are also ideal for mixing paints; varnishes; polymers; textile sizes and dyes; pharmaceuticals; soaps; and countless other materials from 1 to over 25,000 cP viscosity.

Selecting a Neptune Mixer

The information provided is based on an approximate mix/blend time of two liquids for 30 minutes, with both liquids already in the tank. Mixing times will be shorter if one liquid is added to a second liquid while the mixer is operating. Powders should always be added while the mixer is running.
This chart also applies to the suspension of solids with settling velocities of less than one ft. (304.8 mm) per min.
For more rapid or vigorous mixing, use a mixer one or two sizes larger.
Dual propellers are recommended for tanks 1,000 gal. (3,785.4 L) and larger at viscosities of 1,000 cP and higher.


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