Lightnin Top Entering Mixers

Lightnin Top Entering Mixers

Lightnin manufactures premium quality top entry mixers. In fact they are number one in their field. For every process using tanks from as small as a few thousand gallons to a million gallons or more, in any type of material, there's a Lightnin mixer to get the job done right.

Lightnin 70 Series Mixers

70 Series

In the seventies, Lightnin began manufacturing their own line of reducers specifically designed for mixing service. Prior to this, they used off-the-shelf gearboxes meant for all types of torque transmission uses, but Lightnin required a reducer with the capability to handle the unique bending moment loads and fluid forces imposed by mixing impellers.
The 70 and 80 Series reducers that were developed are right angle drives with spiral bevel gearing. Reducers are 98.5 % efficient per reduction stage. These reducers contain a rugged oversize low speed shaft and bearings, typically with service factors in excess of 2 and an L-10 life in excess of 200,000 hours
With 7 distinct torque sizes, the 70 Series mixers range from 1 HP to 100 HP, from 11 RPM to 280 RPM. Reducers are either double or triple reduction, with a change gear feature enabling the user to change mixer speed easily without the need to remove the gearbox from the top of the tank. 70 Series mixers are available in three main configurations - open tank, stuffing box and mechanical seal. Open tank mixers typically bolt to mounting beams that straddle the tank while the two closed tank options mount directly to either a pad flange or tank nozzle. A wide range of mechanical seals style are available, but the Lightnin Style C double mechanical seal contains a bearing in the seal cartridge to minimize shaft deflection at the seal faces. .
Over 30,000 of the 70 Series reducers have been placed in service, making this reducer the most specified, most used, most proven mixer technology in the world.

80 Series Mixers.

Top Entering MixerWith the development of the 70 Series reducer as the workhorse, to be used for an extensive array of mixing applications, Lightnin continued upon this design with a reducer built with extra shock load protection. For severe applications where high shock loads are imposed upon the reducer, the 80 Series is built to last.
While maintaining all the features of the 70 Series gearboxes, the 80 Series improves upon the shock load handling. As the lower shaft flexes due to bending moment loads, the upper shaft deflects inside the hollow quill shaft, isolating the reducer gearing. Above the reducer, there is a flexible coupling that absorbs the deflection but transmit the torque between quill shaft and upper shaft.
When do you need this added feature - when the process conditions impose severe loads. Applications that dump bags of material onto the impeller, or have a strong side flow impinging directly at the impellers, or require huge chunks to be suspended, or extremely high power per unit volume all benefit from the added protection offered by the 80 Series reducers. Consequently, Lightnin adds an additional year to the mixer warranty.

500/600 Series

Lightnin 500 Series

The Lightnin Series 500/600 mixers offer the features and flexibility you want, so you'll never have to buy more mixer than you need. Horsepower options include 1-125 HP with a range from 10-125 RPM.

For basic mixing applications, standard Series 500/600 mixers provide rugged, dependable service without having to pay for options you don't want or won't use. For more complex applications, Series 500/600 mixers have a host of options to help you tackle the most difficult processes. You and your Lightnin Sales engineer will simply select the impeller, motor, gear drive and seals that best meet your unique needs. Developed in the mid-nineties, the 500/600 mixer series covers a similar spectrum of speeds and horsepower options as the 70/80 Series. Built around the same premise, the 500/600 mixers were designed using tools unavailable 35 years ago, such as finite element analysis. Internal components have been updated, but where possible, the same gearing has been used.

Series 10

Series 10

One look at this rugged design will tell you, Lightnin's field-proven Series 10 is no ordinary mixer. It comes in a range from 1 to 25 HP and can operate between 45 and 125 RPM. In thousands of installations and hundreds of applications worldwide, Series 10 mixers deliver a superior combination of value and performance.

700/800 Series


We gave this series the capacity to drive long overhung mixer shafts without steady bearings. We gave it the stamina to withstand severe bending and high-torque loads imposed by fluid forces in the tank. And that's something you can't expect from the large general purpose drives not designed for mixing, which others use.
We make our shafts for 700/800 mixers larger and stronger. We size the bearings far in excess of AGMA requirements. We conduct extensive research to document the limits of shaft and impeller performance under all service conditions. As a result, you get longer service life with less maintenance. You get our performance guarantee. You get a mixer with an enviable track record, written by the thousands of 700/800 mixers. You'll find 700/800 mixers atop huge fermentation tanks in pharmaceutical production and in all manner of large-scale chemical processing, as well as in the heavy sludge of waste treatment.
Series 700/800 come in five sizes, covering the range from 25 through 1250hp. Both double and triple reduction drives are available, covering the full range of standard AGMA speeds from 230 rpm down to 11 rpm.

Slurry Pipelines and Storage

We can help you manage the many variables that influence the throughput of your entire process

Chemical Processing

LIGHTNIN Top Entry, Side Entry and Static Mixers are used around the world for a wide variety of applications in the Chemical Processing industries

Mining and Minerals

Select Lightnin equipment and you get over 75 years of experience in superior processing technology.

Pulp and Paper

With over 10,000 installations world wide, LIGHTNIN is a leader in mixing technology for the Pulp and Paper Market.

Oil and Petroleum

LIGHTNIN's engineers select the optimum solution for your Oil/Petroleum processing.

Water and Wastewater Treatment

LIGHTNIN mixer and impeller systems are used in all stages of municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment.

Flue Gas Desulfurization

Our extensive experience enables us to specify the best combination of mixer and impeller for optimum performance in FGD applications.

Tank Volume Calculator

Lightnin has an easy to use calculator to help determine tank volumes based the tank configuration.

Lightnin Mixing Demo Videos on Youtube

Lightnin has posted a series of videos on you tube demonstrating mixing applications. The video in the link below shows the effect of mixer mounting position on the flow pattern established in a mixer tank with no baffles when using a clamp mounted portable mixer, such as a Lightnin ECL Portable Mixer. In order to achieve good top to bottom turnover, the proper angular offset mounting is required.
Watch Videos…

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Better System Design Through Computational Fluid Dynamics

LIGHTNIN's state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology produces computerized models of mixing systems for analysis of flow distribution, mixing rates and other critical processing parameters. CFD technology is a key tool in the development of new mixing applications and scale-up, optimization or upgrading of existing applications.
New Process Development
Today's competitive environment requires rapid development of new products and processes. CFD technology provides detailed analysis of fluid flow early in the development process. The effects of in-tank elements such as baffles and heating coils can be factored into the system design. Potential problems can be identified and resolved quickly to avoid time-consuming trial-and-error physical testing.
Scale-up can be one of the biggest challenges in fluid processing. Adjustments in one or more processing parameters may be necessary to achieve optimum results in production-size systems. CFD technology allows LIGHTNIN to predict fluid flow and distribution quickly in various mixing system configurations.
Process Optimization, Upgrades and Retrofits
LIGHTNIN can use CFD technology to model your current process and identify mixing inadequacies, such as low-velocity areas, circulation zones, staging and anomalies in the fluid flow. System parameters can be adjusted and tested - quickly and easily - until the optimum efficiency is achieved.
Put Lightnin CFD Technology to Work
Contact your local Lightnin Representative G&W Industrial Sales to learn how CFD technology can help save time and money on your next project.

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