Lightnin Portable Mixers

Lightnin Portable Mixers

With a variety of styles, motor types and mounting options, Lightnin portable mixers are the right choice for a variety of applications from high flow to high shear.

Lightnin ECL Series

The new Enhanced Classic Line (ECL) mixer gives our customer an even stronger and more flexible product. Never before has there been a range of mixers offering so much quality and value. Direct- and gear-drive mixers for a wide range of mixing applications Direct-drive mixers are recommended for dispersing powders and small batch mixing.
Gear-drive mixers feature two available lower speeds and higher torque for use with larger batches and a range of viscosities.
•Larger output shaft bearings for longer shafts and longer life
•Positive chuck grips the mixer shaft to prevent unintentional shaft release
•Mixer duty motor with standard mounting
•A variety of enclosures, single or three phase and multiple voltages
•Severe duty motor options
•Air motors are safe for use in flammable or explosive environments at ambient temperatures up to 250°F (120°C)
•Variable speed control
•Optional digital tachometer for display of mixer output speed.

Classic Series

The Lightnin XD direct drive mixers and XJ gear driven mixers have been industry standards for years. Customers have learned to trust the rugged, long wearing construction, still available today.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • 1/3 HP to 3 HP units available.
  • Rugged Dura-Mix motor designed for long life
  • One-piece aluminum housing
  • Explosion-proof motors are available
  • Clamp Mount, open tank beam mount, or flange mount with stuffing box or mechanical seal are available.
  • Air motors available

Nettco i-Series Mixers

The Nettco i-Series is designed to be an economical solution for small Portable and Fixed Mount Mixers. The unique modular concept allows a mixer to be configured to meet your industrial needs.
•Highest quality at a competitive price
•For tank sizes: 25 – 5,000 gal. (0.1 – 20 m3 )
•Designed for OEM systems and end users in general chemical industries
•Wide range of impellers and mounting options
•Light weight aluminum construction
•Direct and gear options for this global use mixer provides full range of shaft speeds (RPM)

Special Small Scale Mixers

BioCIP Mag Drive – SanStar Sanitary Mixer – Top entering mag drive, no mechanical seal
MBI Bottom Entry Mag Drive
Sanitary Right Angle Drive SR Mixers
Stainless Sanitary Vertical Mixer SSV
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  • Continuous or batch operations
  • Flash Mixers
  • Chemical Make Up
  • Paints and coatings
  • Adhesives and sealants
  • Water and Effluent Treatment
  • Oil and Gas Downstream processing
  • Mining
  • Solids Suspension
  • Neutralization
  • Blending
  • Food Processing
  • Latex Blending

Lightnin Technology Center – Customer Trials

The heart of LIGHTNIN’s research and design effort is its Rochester, NY-based Knowledge and Technology Center. This laboratory was specifically designed for a complete range of experimental and computational data generation. It features our integrated Laser Doppler Velocimeter (LDV), full Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) capability and a large complement of test vessels ranging from 12” diameter through 8’ and 10’ diameter in-ground tanks. Our two large-scale test tanks include an indoor 49’ x 49’ and an outdoor 80’ diameter aeration test tank.
Lightnin fabricates custom test apparatus to match client vessel geometry and internals for customer laboratory trials. This allows LIGHTNIN to precisely measure process performance data such as mass and heat transfer coefficient, flow and power numbers, solid suspension behavior, blending, and fluid force characterization. This laboratory network allows us to offer a full process and mechanical warranty unmatched in the industry.

Tank Volume Calculator

Lightnin has an easy to use calculator to help determine tank volumes based the tank configuration.

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