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Lightnin's impeller selection is just as wide and just as dynamic as its mixer selection. While Lightnin mixers are capable handling very heavy projects, the right impeller can save the mixer work, and save the customer money. At Lightnin's impeller design and testing laser lab they get exact digital data for every part of a tank and can thus design impellers to be the most efficient. This also allows a testing option that doesn't require full-scale set-up or trial run, again saving customers money.



The A310 - A510 series provides a combination of performance characteristics and high flow efficiency not available from other types of axial flow impellers.
The A310 - A510 can produce the same flow and process results at a lower power than other axial flow impellers thus reducing operating and capital costs.


Low/medium viscosity, flow-controlled applications
The traditional impeller for larger volume applications. Largely superseded by the A510, it still has a specific role in applications where a degree of fluid shear is beneficial to the overall process result.


Axial flow impeller for gas/liquid applications
The A315 is capable of dispersing gas and controlling flow patterns at significantly higher gas rates than other axial flow impellers. Compared to conventional Rushton type radial flow turbines, the A315 can provide up to 30% greater mass transfer at equal torque and power consumption.
Good axial flow patterns from the A315 give good solids suspension and significantly reduce power requirements.


Impeller for higher viscosity - low reynolds number applications
The A320 is designed to operate in higher viscosity fluids. The effectiveness of many high efficiency impeller systems which are designed to operate in the turbulent flow regime is impaired as the viscosity of the fluid increases and the Reynolds Number decreases. This is not the case with the A320. The unique design of the impeller reduces both capital and operating costs. Blend times are also reduced compared to other 'open' impellers used at low Reynolds numbers.


Gas/liquid applications with up-pumping characteristics
The A340 with up-pumping axial flow is the most recent development for gas/liquid applications.


Low viscosity flow-controlled applications for hostile environments
The A6000 is a composite construction impeller. It uses a high grade vinyl ester resin system with strength and corrosion resistance being key features.
Where exotic metals such as titanium, zirconium, hastelloy, etc. are required, the A6000 can be a cost effective alternative. Due to the optimum airfoil profile produced by impact moulding production techniques, the A6000 is 25% more efficient than the A510.


The R100 Rushton turbine is the traditional impeller for gas - liquid mass transfer controlled systems. It is also used where higher shear is needed.
The R130 has similar characteristic to the R100 but gives: a higher power input in the gassed condition (reduced 'K' factor effect), lower power in the ungassed condition.


The R500 provides high shear rates. It is generally used in conjunction with a high flow impeller in applications involving a combination of blending and a need for physical change created by fluid shear.


Axial flow impeller for side entry applications
The A312 is designed for the arduous requirements of pulp and paper applications. It is also used in other side entry applications such as oil storage and FGD (Flue Gas Desulfurization). It is an axial flow impeller with a minimal radial flow component, unlike other conventional side entry mixer impellers


Two bladed anchor for higher viscosity applications
The R400 is a contoured two bladed anchor. It has applications in blending and particularly, heat transfer, where the viscosities range from 10,000 to 100,000 centipoise.


Helical impeller for high viscosity applications
Where very high viscosity (above 100,00 centipoise) is involved, helical impellers can be used. A variety of options in terms of number of flights, pitch and helix are available to suit the specific requirements of the duty.
The A400 also promotes surface renewal and heat transfer


Draft-tube circulators
Designed specifically for dependable draft tube service, the C200 has a true airfoil shape and provides high flow, even in unstable process conditions, whilst minimizing power requirements. A specific family of impellers (unique to Lightnin) based upon the C200 design is available for use in draft tubes.
Processes include alumina, gold, uranium, and potash.

Solids Suspension
Gas Dispersion
High Viscosity Blending
Draft tube circulation
High Shear

Lightnin CLEAN EDGE Impeller combats rag buildup

SPX Process Equipment's LIGHTNIN CLEAN EDGE impeller is a solution to the "dirty problem" of rag buildup in Municipal and Industrial treatment.  For use in all services that require a ragless impeller, the CLEAN EDGE remains free of fibrous debris while delivering performance equal to a hydrofoil impeller.
After nine (9) months of continuous operation, the CLEAN EDGE exhibited no rag buildup on the diameter, had the same power draw as when installed, and caused no mechanical issues while delivering the required mixing in this Anoxic Basin.
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KT-3 Impeller

The KT-3 impeller is specifically designed for low level mixing in dished and shallow coned bottoms with a bottom outlet. It generates an asymmetric flow pattern in the tank bottom, swirling the tank’s contents in order remove slurry from the tank while minimizing solids build up. It accomplishes this with lower torque requirements and improved performance over more traditional paddles and pitch bladed turbines
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