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Griswold End Suction Centrifugal Pumps

Pump Description

Griswold’s E,F&G centrifugal pumps are designed for versatility! With capacities up to 3000 GPM, heads to 310 ft., a broad range of sizes and configuration options and extensive performance features, the E,F&G Series proves ideal for most water pumping applications.

E,F&Gs are equipped with your choice of either close-coupled NEMA electric motors or frame mounted with coupling to electric motors, engines, steam turbines or even belt-driven options. The E,F&G’s 360º mounting capabilities greatly extend installation options. Close-coupled configurations can be mounted vertically when space is at a premium. The E,F&G’s back pull-out design permits removal of the pump assembly for easy maintenance without disturbing pipe connections. All E,F&G models are flanged in accordance with ANSI B 16.1 for 125 PSI applications.

NSF Certification
At non additional cost, any F Series Centrifugal pump can e certified by NSF to ANSI/NSF standard 50 for Swimming Pools – Circulation Systems Components.


General Industrial Duty
Commerical Swimming Pools
Water Parks
HVAC Cooling Towers

Online Pump Selection

Streamline your specification process at griswoldpump.com! With our online pump Selection program, you can evaluate the best pumps to suit your specific criteria for size, speed, efficiency, power, temperature, chemical pumped, and more! in addition to generating a comparative list of recommended pumps, you can access a wealth of detailed specifications for each listing, sort, save, print and even email your report.

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