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Griswold 850 Series Centrifugal Pumps

Griswold has announced the availability of its new 850 Series centrifugal pumps designed for commercial pool and industrial water applications. The 805 Series features design enhancements that meet the new DOE pump efficiency guidelines for clean water pumps. These new guidelines will not impact Griswold’s 811 Series or H Series Pumps, however, will impact Griswold’s E,F&G Series pumps.  As a result the E,F and G Series are obsolete and being replaced by the 850 Series.

The 850 Series will provide pump-for-pump interchangeability with Griswold’s E,F&G Series, ultimately replacing the E,F&G Series to meet required guidelines. The 850 Series offers minimal part changes from the original E,F&G Series line and will include 11 total pump models.

Their impellers will be Aluminum Bronze, an upgrade from E,F&G’s Silicone Bronze. In addition, Aluminum Bronze is a preferred material for chlorine applications over Stainless Steel. With the launch of the 850 Series, the entire line will be NSF® 50 Certified. The 850 Series will also maintain similar family hydraulic coverage.

Close-Coupled or Frame-Mounted Configurations

850 Series pumps are provided with NEMA JM or JP close-coupled motors. As an alternative, Griswold offers flexible couplings to electric motors, including open drip-proof, totally-enclosed and explosion-proof motors, or engine, steam turbine, and belt-driven options

Seal Options

While our standard mechanical seal is comprised of carbon/ceramic/Buna, we also offer alternatives for more abrasive/corrosive and high-temperature applications.

Coating Options and Baseplate Mounting Systems

For corrosion protection, 850 Series pumps can be coated on the interior and/or exterior with 3M™ Scotchkote™ 134 Fusion Bonded Epoxy. Griswold also offers a complete range of pre-engineered channeled steel baseplates to reduce stress and vibration

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Streamline your specification process at griswoldpump.com! With our online pump Selection program, you can evaluate the best pumps to suit your specific criteria for size, speed, efficiency, power, temperature, chemical pumped, and more! in addition to generating a comparative list of recommended pumps, you can access a wealth of detailed specifications for each listing, sort, save, print and even email your report.

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