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Griswold 811 ANSI Pumps

Pump Description

GRISWOLD’s Model 811 meets or exceeds all ANSI standards for the chemical processing industry. The fully open impeller, centerline discharge, and other unique design features allow the 811 to continue operating long after other ANSI pumps wear out or break down. For example:

A choice of extra-heavy-duty, stocked, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel, Alloy 20 and CD4Mpump materials coupled with multiple seal design options allows you to tailor the 811 to virtually any process flow application.


The fully-open impeller design features large wear areas and back pump-out vanes, making the 811 far superior in handling corrosive and erosive fluids. Open impellers balance hydraulic axial thrust loads, lengthen bearing life, and reduce stuffing box pressure too.

The self-tightening impeller with O-ring seal eliminates part corrosion, gasket leakage, and all chance of loosening in high temperature environments.

Replaceable shaft sleeve and adapters allow easy replacement of sealing surface without shaft and bearing disassembly, and without bearing contamination.

Any external clearance adjustments due to wear can easily be made on-site with an ordinary open-end wrench. No shimming is required.

Online Pump Selection

Streamline your specification process at griswoldpump.com! With our online pump Selection program, you can evaluate the best pumps to suit your specific criteria for size, speed, efficiency, power, temperature, chemical pumped, and more! in addition to generating a comparative list of recommended pumps, you can access a wealth of detailed specifications for each listing, sort, save, print and even email your report.

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Anything But Standard

The Griswold Pump Company is no newcomer to pumps. With product lines dating back over 70 years, you’ll find a wealth of industry knowledge and experience behind every Griswold product. At our facility in Grand Terrace, California, we manufacture a variety of pumps, including ANSI, end suction centrifugals, self-priming and submersible/vertical turbines. With hundreds of thousands of pump installations worldwide and our international distribution network, Griswold serves a broad range of chemical process, industrial and municipal applications, including:

  • Pulp and paper
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil and gas
  • Textile
  • Breweries
  • Grain processing
  • Food processing
  • Poultry processing
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Steel
  • Semiconductor
  • Water treatment
  • Power generation

Parts Interchangeable with Goulds 3196 and Peerless 8196 with savings of up to 50%

Griswold can often offer same day service on parts with no premium on price. Griswold’s high-quality ANSI parts are performance-tested to meet performance curves, yet their standard prices are the lowest of any pump manufacturer.

You can dowload our free 30 page ANSI Parts Interchangeability Guide below... a valuable tool that cross references Griswold 811, Goulds 3196 and Peerless 8196 pumps by pump size and by part number. And best of all, the Model 811 is available in a wide range of sizes and capacities to fit virtually any process fluid application. The Griswold 811 ANSI pump can make your life simpler by replacing a warehouse full of pumps, including:

  • Allis Chalmers CSO, 731+
  • Dean
  • Durco Mark II and III
  • Goulds 3196
  • Ingersoll Rand HOC
  • LaBour
  • Peerless 8196
  • Worthington D1000
  • And all with no piping changes, no baseplate changes and no coupling changes required!

Parts Interchangeability Guide with Repair Parts

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