BS&B Rupture Disks

BS&B Graphite Rupture Disks

BS&B manufactures each graphite rupture disk (bursting disc) from a pure block of graphite. By impregnating the porous graphite with resin, you can be assured of a product that can withstand almost any aggressive chemical attack. Our manufacturing process achieves:
Wide range of sizes from 1/2" (12mm) to 60" (1200mm)
Superior corrosion resistance
Operating temperatures up to 400º F, rising to 800º F with the Hi-Temp Assembly (HTA) upstream of a disk
Large burst pressure range (0.25 - 1000psig) (0.017 - 70 Bar)
Zero manufacturing design range
Tight burst pressure tolerances
Supplied complete with gaskets for immediate installation and reduced downtime
Elevated temperature testing at no additional charge

For Low KR (Flow Resistance) applications consult G&W Industrial Sales

BS&B Graphite rupture disks are a cost effective solution for corrosive environments.

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