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BS&B Safety Systems Buckling Pin Relief Devices

Buckling Pin technology offers an accurate and reliable means of calibrating pressure relief devices. BS&B has developed the BPRV™ Buckling Pin Relief Valve for in-line pressure or vacuum relief offering quick and simple external resetting. The BPRV is suitable for both gas and liquid applications, and provides a full relief opening at a pre-determined set pressure.

  • Simple in-line installation
  • Maximum relief capacity
  • Convenient external reset
  • Set pressure is unaffected by cycling/pulsating pressures
  • Standard set pressures up to 275 psi
  • Set pressure is unaffected by valve orientation
  • The buckling pin is totally protected with a rugged enclosure
Set Pressure Range—Buckling pin technology is used for overpressure or vacuum relief at set pressures from a few inches of water column to over 1000psig.

Size Range—Valves are available for installation between all international standard flanges.

Temperature—Because the buckling pin mechanism is located in an external enclosure, the set pressure is unaffected by process temperature; only the ambient atmospheric temperature needs to be considered.

Operating Ratio—A 90% operating ratio permits process pressures up to 90% of the set pressure.

Service—Suitable for gas or liquid service. The selected seal material must be compatible with the process fluid.

Vacuum—Valves can be supplied to withstand vacuum. Inverted styles of the BPRV may be used for vacuum relief.

Pressure Cycling—Accuracy and reliability are maintained under pressure cycling conditions.

Leak Tight—As the operating pressure increases, the seal is progressively energized to maintain leak tightness. The seal is bubble-tight and offers minimal resistance to opening, permitting low set pressures and tight pressure tolerances.

  1. It’s the First API Series Buckling Pin Relief Valve
  2. Same body Configuration as API Safety Relief Valves
  3. Piping Dimensions are API Standard
  4. Held in the closed position with a calibrated buckling pin
  5. Operate to 90% of set pressure with no simmering!
  6. Back Pressure Independent!
  7. The Calibrated Pin certifies the device!!!
  8. Direct Replacement of API Series Relief Valves
    1. No Piping Modifications!!!
  9. Capacity of the BPAV exceeds the largest API size orifice per line size
    1. Preliminary Kd > 0.8
    2. Ideal solution for brown-field projects
  10. More Flow per $ than a relief valve
    1. Increased production capacity for same piping configuration
  11. Smaller size BPAV may be adequate for application
    1. Reducing Valve Cost, Piping Cost and Weight!!!
    2. Critical for Offshore Applications

  1. Primary Relief Protection
    1. Pump Protection for Blocked Outlet Scenario
  2. Redundant Relief Protection
    1. Probability of failure is the same with the same technology
    2. Alternative Technology (BPAV) protection of Primary Technology (PRV) is the safest solution!
  3. Spring Loaded Safety Relief Valve (SRV) Isolation
    1. UD Stamped BPRV
  4. Spring Loaded SRV Replacement
    1. Higher Capacity without changing piping
    2. BPAV for applications which can use non-reclosing devices
  5. Back Pressure Independence
    1. BPAV is back pressure independent
    2. Greater demand due to growth in recovery market!

Oil & Gas Onshore

    1. Electronic Submersible Pumps
    2. Flare Staging Valve bypass
    3. Standby Flare Isolation/Segregation
    4. Water Seal Bypass- In case of freezing
    5. Storage Tank Protection
    6. Filter Bypass in Gas Storage
    7. Gas/Water/Methanol Pump Re-Injection
    8. Heat Exchanger / Heater / Pre-Heater Protection
    9. Vessel Protection
    10. LNG Recovery – Liquefaction Side
    11. LNG Vaporizers – Re-gasification side
    12. Surge protection of Oil Pipelines

Downstream & Chemicals

    1. Ethylene Cracker / Ethylene Oxide / Glycol
      1. BPRV on flares
    2. Refineries
      1. Surge Protection on feed lines
      2. SRV Isolation for emission reduction and clean fuels
    3. Chemical and Specialty Chemicals
      1. Vessel /Reactor Protection

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