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Since designing the first rupture disk in 1931, BS&B Safety Systems, continues to set the standard in Rupture Disk Technology. Our commitment to technology, high quality manufacturing and quality by design, has earned us the ISO 9001 Quality System Certification. BS&B Safety Systems manufacturing facilities operate and test according to national, international standards and codes. Our experienced engineering staff and certified craftsmen assure you of a reliable, cost effective, technologically advanced, code compliant product. At BS&B, we partner with you to develop products to better serve your process and related applications.

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BS&B Reverse Buckling Rupture Disks

Reverse Buckling Disk

The Reverse Buckling disk represents the best in rupture disk (bursting disc) technology. Invented by BS&B, our range of reverse buckling products provides a pressure relief solution for burst pressures ranging from a few inches of water column / a few millibar to over 70,000 psig / 4800 bar.

Burst pressure is accurately controlled by a combination of material properties and the shape of the disk domed structure. By loading the Reverse Buckling disk in compression it is able to resist operating pressures up to 100% of minimum burst pressure even under pressure cycling or pulsating conditions.

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BS&B Forward Acting Rupture Disks

Forward acting, or conventional rupture disks (bursting discs) have been a mainstay in process applications since BS&B developed the first rupture in 1931. Developed in 1934, the Type B disk, the "granddaddy" of all rupture disks (bursting discs) is still the disk-of-choice in many applications.

Applying load to the concave side, the disk is subjected to tension forces. Forward acting disks regulate burst pressures by the tensile strength of the material.

For low burst pressures, the Type D disk has a slotted metal top section and a metal or fluorocarbon seal.

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Graphite Disks

BS&B manufactures each graphite rupture disk (bursting disc) from a pure block of graphite. By impregnating the porous graphite with resin, you can be assured of a product that can withstand almost any aggressive chemical attack.

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Explosion Vents

Explosion Vent Panels

An explosion can result from an ignition of a combustible gas, mist or dust when mixed with air during processing, handling or storage operations. A rapid rise in pressure occurs in the containing structure, and if it is not of adequate strength to withstand the deflagration pressure, extensive damage and injury to personnel can occur. Whether your application involves dust, gas or mist, BS&B explosion vents provide reliable relief at or below their rated burst pressure, even if damaged. They require little maintenance and are easy to replace.

BS&B explosion vents like the

Vent-Saf® Plus produce a controlled full opening and are non-fragmenting. Vent-Saf® Plus explosion vents have been certified under cycle testing to over one million pressure/vacuum cycles and meet all NFPA 68 and ATEX Standards.

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Explosion Suppression

BS&B Type IPD explosion suppression systems use a lightweight modular design to deliver extinguishing agents into a rapidly developing fire to suppress it before reaching destructive proportions. A typical system consists of a Unitized Sensor, a Power Supply Module, a System Monitor and several Explosion Suppression "Cannons." The Explosion Suppression Cannon module propels the extinguishing agent into the developing fireball of an explosion.

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Buckling Pin Relief Valve

Buckling Pin Relief Valve

Buckling Pin technology offers an accurate and reliable means of calibrating pressure relief devices. BS&B has developed the BPRV™ Buckling Pin Relief Valve for in-line pressure or vacuum relief offering quick and simple external resetting. The BPRV is suitable for both gas and liquid applications, and provides a full relief opening at a pre-determined set pressure. BS&B has made a 60" BPRV which is the largest ASME certified pressure relief device.

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Sensors & Monitors

Burst Alert Sensors® provide immediate warning of a ruptured disk when used with a BS&B Burst Disk Monitor or other suitable electrical monitoring equipment. When a disk or vent ruptures, the process flow through the device causes the sensor's conductive circuit to break. The disruption of the current flowing through the circuit activates a Burst Disk Monitor (BDM) or other suitable electrical monitoring equipment to give a visual and/or audible signal. BS&B also offers Magnetic burst alert sensors which do not require electrical wiring when changing sensors.

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