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ASI believes that the more tailored a seal is to the application, the longer it will last. Which means we don’t just fit a seal to your pump, we fit a seal to your application. Build a seal line of the highest quality with simplicity of design, then back it with some of the best customer service in the industry. The main goal of ASI is to exceed our customer’s expectations regarding product specifications, workmanship, material, and service. ASI typically holds tighter tolerances than the rest of the industry. We do not “Job-Out” the manufacturing of any seal components to maintain our high levels of quality. ASI’s approach to mechanical seals is still based on Engineered Sealing Solutions, tailored to each customer’s application.

Model 500 Single Inside Mechanical Seal

The Model 500 seal is a universal design specifically engineered to eliminate the most common causes of mechanical seal failures: shaft or sleeve fretting, corrosion, spring or bellows clogging (due to vapor leakage), seal face distortion caused by thermal cycling, and overheating of sealing faces.

Model 505 Single Outside Mechanical Seal

The ASI Model 505 seal has been engineered to operate in more corrosive environments. The design has not metal components in the fluid, eliminating the need for expensive, exotic metals. The seal is inherently resistant to corrosives, and is normally compatible with any process liquid where carbon and ceramic can be used. The seal is mounted outside the stuffing box where it can be seen and inspected.

Model 510 Dual Rotary Cartridge Seal

The ASI 510 Mechanical Seal was designed to address the inherent problems associated with hot polymer, monomer, and plastic applications. The sea’s reciprocal balance compensates for the varying pressures between normal service and spikes that often occur, preventing barrier fluid contamination and ensuring uninterrupted seal service.

Model 550 Heavy Duty Slurry Seal

The Model 550 double slurry seal, is built to handle heavy slurries – up to 80% solids, especially those that tend to dewater in the stuffing box or plate out onto the seal components. It is a custom-fitted seal that completely fills the pump stuffing box, thereby preventing any products from entering the seal chamber while providing a controlled sealing environment. The 550’s unique design eliminates the need for special metallurgy, as only the inboard seal faces and o-rings (in the bottom of the stuffing box) see the product.

Model 585 Single Stationary Seal

The 585 Universal seal offers three style options, with off the shelf convenience – non-flushed piloted, flush style inlet, and quench style inlet. With the air of advanced CAD/CAM systems, ASI has designed a universal slotted gland plate to fit a wide variety of bolting patterns and stuffing box bores. The 585 stationary design derives sealing face alignment from the pump shaft and not the stuffing box or seal gland plate. Perfect sealing face squareness is automatic upon installation and requires no gland plate adjustments. Under normal conditions, the Model 585 adjusts one time upon installation and thereafter only to compensate for seal face wear.

Model 590 Dual Stationary Seal

The ASI Model 590 is a dual stationary mechanical seal. It is designed to operate with the occasional fluctuations that may occur in a seal barrier fluid supply. This, and other feature of the Model 590 make it ideal for handling the more difficult to seal process liquids, including those that are sensitive to contact with air, contain abrasive material, or may have environmental consequences.

Model 595 Dual Stationary Pumping Seal

The ASI Model 595 offers a patented self-circulation heat removal system; the first seal pumping system that actually removes heat from the sealing faces while providing maximum movement of liquid within a compact design. The self-circulation device extends the full distance between the inboard and outboard seal faces, removing heat at its source and venting it into the flush outlet. This insures lubrication and cooling to both sets of sealing faces while the seal is circulating fluid.

Model 600 Dual Stationary Seal

The ASI Model 600 is specially engineered to withstand greater radial and axial movement common to larger equipment such as slurry pumps, mixers and agitators. The 600's seal components are designed to work in unison, preventing under-compression or over-compression of the seal faces.

Model 724 Non-Metallic Seal

Engineered for the evolving process needs of the 21st Century, the ASI Model 724 offers both enhanced corrosion resistance and superior seal performance. The unique "split-housing" gland plate design provides the strength of metal parts where beneficial, while protecting the process liquid from metal contaminants. Advanced features like our stationary design and monolithic seal faces assure continuous, reliable seal service.

Model 730 Single Stationary Seal

The Model 730 provides a superior quality, low cost alternative to "throw-away" seals. The uniqe ‘split-housing’ design utilizes a self-contained cartridge unit and detachable seal flange allow a wide range of stocking and repair options. The reduced operating length of the Model 730 creates h3er seal parts and its stationary design delivers the performance reliability that the ASI name has come to represent.

Model 800 Stationary Design Gas Seal

The ASI Model 800 provides a zero-emissions, single seal solution to many problematic dry-run and environmentally sensitive service requirements. The Model 800’s design directs gas pressure through the stationary seat and positions it between the seal faces. The dual-channel rotary face delivers complete seal face “lift-off” while engaging two active gas seals on one face, eliminating face contact (and ensuing heat and wear). Additionally, the Model 800’s shortened seal operating length allows it to operate at higher operating pressures while accommodating a wide range of service equipment.

Model SD3 Single Inside Mechanical Seal

The operating range for ASI Model SD-3 is perhaps the widest in the industry for any single mechanical seal. The SD-3's rugged, balanced, anti-clogging design is well suited for hostile sealing applications where high-pressure, low viscosity or the presence of abrasives causes other seals to fail.

  • ANSI Centrifugal Pumps
  • Polymer Pumps
  • Water Pumps
  • Slurry Pumps
  • Food and Beverage
  • Hydrocarbon Processing
  • Chemical Processing

ASI provides both ‘in-house’ and ‘in-field’ repair services. The multi-level in house repair program, ASI Encore, provides fast, efficient turnaround, resulting in superior repairs at very competitive prices.

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