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Almatec E Series Pumps

The E-Series represents the latest generation of plastic air-operated double diaphragm pumps made in solid design. The pump has only three solid housing parts for easy disassembly and assembly. Different port configurations can be easily achieved by turning the center housing. The pumps can be supplied with either ball valves or cylinder valves.

Pumps are available in polypropylene, polyethylene and PFTE material. Trials based on the sand-slurry method have shown that the abrasion resistance of Polyethylene is 7 times higher than Polypropylene and 1.6 times higher than steel. This high resistance to abrasion makes it the ideal pump for many applications such as pickling baths in the electroplating industry, printing inks, lime slurry, and ceramic mass and glaze in the ceramics industry to name a few.

Almatec™ also offers conductive plastic E-series pumps. The housings and internals of the conductive version are made of PE or PTFE filled with conductive pigment which always remains below the limits set by the FDA.  The pump can be grounded via a connection on the center housing the eliminating the risk of electrostatic discharge. Conductive pumps in the E-Series are ATEX certified.

Chemicor Series

The Almatec™ stainless steel pumps offer unique solutions to air operated, double diaphragm pump applications. The pump can be providing with:

  • Draining System
  • Diaphragm monitoring
  • Barrier Chamber System
  • Stroke Counting
The pump comes standard with the PERSWING® air control system.

Almatec™ Biocor

The Almatec™ pump series BIOCOR is especially designed for sterile applications within the pharmaceutical, biotechnical and food industry. The air-operated diaphragm pumps are EHEDG certificated and ATEX conform according to 94/9/EG directive. BIOCOR pumps with a material combination of PTFE (diaphragms, ball valves, O-rings) equipped with a diaphragm monitoring are 3-A approved. The special design with the integrated cleaning-system enables the CIP (clean in place) and SIP (sterilization in place) capability.

The two pump sizes B 20 and B 32 achieve max. capacities of 3.5 and 7.5 m³/h resp. a max. discharge pressure up to 7 bar. Drainage of the pump by magnetic lifting of the valve balls from the outside.

Almatec™ AHD and AHS Series ( High pressure plastic pump)

Almatec features two high pressure pump models, the AHD with internal pressure booster and the AHS without an internal pressure booster. The “D” in AHD stands for Duplex, which means the reinforcement of the drive pressure is more than 2:1 by the internal pressure boosting stage. Accordingly, the “S” in AHS stands for Simplex, meaning the drive pressure is transferred to the medium in a ratio of 1:1.
The AHD series allows for a maximum drive pressure of 100 psig, which will result in a outlet pressure up to 218 psig. The AHD is available in three sizes, with capacities of 17, 44, and 87 gpm. The AHS series is designed where the driving pressure will match the outlet pressure, up to 218 psig. Both these pumps are available in Polyethylene construction, which is excellent for abrasion resistance when solids are present.
Read more about the Almatec high pressure pumps here.

Integral Pulsation Dampener

If a virtually uniform flow is needed, pulsation dampeners in different versions are available. The E-SERIES pumps can be equipped with screwed-on or flanged pulsations dampers, while the CHEMICOR and BIOCOR pump series with an inline pulsation damper.

Barrier Chamber

The ALMATEC barrier chamber system meets high safety requirements. The individual diaphragm is replaced by two diaphragms arranged in tandem with a barrier chamber of conductive PE between them and filled with non-conductive liquid. A change in conductivity of the barrier liquid is detected by sensors and signalled to a controller, which triggers an alarm or disconnects the pump.

Stroke Counting

ALMATEC air-operated diaphragm pumps can be used continuously (24h operation) or intermittently for hours, minutes or for an exact defined number of strokes. To accurately count the strokes a sensor can be installed in the pump's center housing (available as pneumatic version also).

Draining System

The E-SERIES pumps in sizes 15 to 50 are available with a special ALMATEC draining system consisting of a bypass system in the side housings that can be activated easily either via hand-operated valves or pneumatically. In this way, the pump and piping can be drained without having to be dismounted. The amount of cleaning agent and solvent required when changing products is reduced considerably and this greatly reduces environmental pollution. For the pumps of the metal series CHEMICOR another constructive solution is available. Ball lifters - which are turnable by hand - are fitted to the four ball valves. By turning the handles the ball valves are lifted out of their seats.

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