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G&W Industrial Sales is a manufacturer’s representative and distributor located in Parkersburg, WV. We serve WV and border counties of Ohio and Kentucky for a variety of engineering fluid process equipment manufacturers.


G & W Industrial Sales was founded in 1964 by Jack Wood and Bob Gunnoe. Mr. Wood and Mr. Gunnoe formed G & W Industrial Sales by buying out the representation territory in West Virginia and bordering Ohio and Kentucky counties from E.V. White Company. E.V. White was a large manufacturer's representative with offices in Cleveland, Charleston and Cincinnati.

The "G & W" in the name comes from Gunnoe and Wood. They operated a company out of Charleston, West Virginia. In 1974, Mr. Gunnoe died suddenly and left Mr. Wood as the sole owner of G & W. From that time through 1988, Mr. Wood operated with one other salesman. In 1988, Ed Borkowski joined G & W Industrial Sales with the intention of buying Mr. Wood's interest in the business. Mr. Borkowski purchased Mr. Wood's interests on August 31, 1989. In March of 1990, G & W Industrial Sales moved the main office from Charleston to Parkersburg, WV. A branch office was left in Charleston. In January 1998, G & W moved into a new 4000 ft2 building in Parkersburg to allow more office space and shop space. In July of 1998, the branch office in Charleston was closed and operations consolidated in the Parkersburg facility.

In the early days of G & W Industrial Sales, the company consisted of Jack Wood and Bob Gunnoe, plus inside clerical and sales support. The current company consists of Ed Borkowski, President, and Andrew Borkowski, working as salesmen covering the territory. Eric Borkowski and Connie Watson provide the inside sales support and customer service. G & W Industrial Sales has maintained a strong list of principals throughout most of its history. We have a long term association with Lightnin mixers, BS&B rupture disks and Wilden® air operated, double diaphragm pumps. G & W Industrial Sales is primarily a manufacturer's representative, although the Wilden® pump line is a distributor line and we do buy and resell several product lines.

G & W Industrial Sales primarily serves the chemical processing industry in West Virginia and bordering counties of Ohio and Kentucky.

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Who we are

Ed Borkowski – President

After graduation from Case Western Reserve University with a degree in Polymer Engineering, Ed spent 14 years with Borg Warner Chemicals, including position in Product Development, Engineering, and Tech Service for Phosphite Stabilizers. His career at Borg Warner included assignments in Grangemouth, Scotland and Mexico City. In his spare time, Ed works on Christmas lights. YouTube Video

Eric Borkowski – Sales/Pump Repair

Eric was born in Falkirk, Scotland and attended Parkersburg Catholic High School. Previously he worked at Fenton Glass in Williamstown. Eric has worked at G&W since April 2004 and has continued to develop his knowledge and expertise with air operated, double diaphragm pumps, as well as other products. Eric follows Formula 1 racing in his spare time.

Andrew Borkowski

Born in Sterling, Scotland and attended Parkersburg Catholic High School graduating in 1997. At PCHS won two consecutive state tennis championships. After high school attended Methodist University in Fayetteville, NC. At Methodist earned a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in golf management. Upon graduation from Methodist moved to Atlanta, GA where he was an assistant golf professional at Windermere Golf Club. In 2005 took a job with the golf management company that owned Windermere and became the Membership/Tournament Sales Director at Eagle Watch Golf Club. In 2008 he moved back to the Mid-Ohio Valley to work for G&W Industrial Sales. Enjoys WVU sports and playing golf.

Connie Watson

Connie has worked for G&W since 2002. In a small organization she is called on to help in many areas. Her responsibilities include Order Processing, Commission Reconciliations, Order Reports, Accounts Payable / Receivable, and Customer Service functions, with an emphasis on BS&B pricing and order processing. Connie enjoys watching her children participate in sports and watching WVU.

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