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Envirogear® V Series Asphalt Pumps

The Envirogear® V Series Asphalt Pumps feature design enhancements previously unseen in the asphalt industry that make them ideal for the challenges inherent in the handling and transfer of asphalt and bitumen products.

The V Series’ design jacketing system provides for up to 35% more jacket surface area than the competition, which improves system reliability. The jacket can utilize a jacketed head and pressure relief valve at the same time. There is jacketing behind the pump rotor, which removes a known cold spot that can result in hard startups, and premature failures.

The Rotatable Flanges Allow for both right-handed and left-handed flange orientations as needed without additional lead times or costs associated with fixed left-hand configuration pumps.

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Interchangeable Parts and Pumps

The V Series pumps have been designed to be the world’s first dropin replacements for competitive models, including the Viking® 34 Series Asphalt Pump. EnviroGear V Series components are also part-for-part interchangeable with the Viking 34 Series Asphalt Pump with very specific design enhancements where required to improve reliability. This allows users to rebuild their existing pump with high-quality EnviroGear components.

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