Envirogear Internal Gear Pumps

Envirogear® G Series Internal Gear Pumps

The Envirogear® Pumps group features a complete range of internal gear pumps industrial applications. Internal gear pumps are ideally suited where a wide range of viscosities are prevalent and excel in higher viscosity applications.

Gear Pumps

Gear Pumps displace fluid by the gears coming in and out of mesh, which draws the fluid into the pump and then forces the fluid through the discharge and downstream of the pump. The meshing actions of both the internal and external gear pumps are different by design. Internal gear pumps have a rotator and idler gear that come in and out of mesh, while external gear pumps have two coinciding gears that come in and out of mesh—this meshing is what creates the pumping action for both pumps. The overall area between each gear tooth ultimately determines the best-suited viscosity ranges for each type of gear pump.

Envirogear® G Series Pumps

Envirogear®’s G Series Pumps are critical in the precise and consistent transfer of highly demanding applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, to name a few. For the past 90 years, companies have trusted their challenging applications to Envirogear Pump Systems.

  • Interchangeable with other gear pump brands
  • No Repiping necessary
  • World-class manufacturing and distribution network ensures quality and fast delivery
  • Available in cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel construction
  • Multiple seal options available
  • Available port sizes 1-1/2" NPT to 6" ANSI Flanges
  • Flow rates to 500 gpm (114 m3/hr )
  • Viscosity to 431,000 cSt
  • Pressures to 200 psig (13.8 bar)

    How the Internal Gear Pump Works

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  • The Envirogear® G Series pumps are offered in a variety of connection sizes, materials and flow rates. To simplify installation upgrades, G Series pumps are directly interchangeable with up to 95% of the internal gear pumps currently available on the market including Viking®, Gorman-Rupp® and Tuthill®. No changes are needed to piping, driver, coupling, flow rates or baseplates.

    Check out the Cross Reference Guide for more details.

    Envirogear On-Line Selection Tool

    Envirogear® Select is the pump selection application for Envirogear® E Series and G Series Internal Gear Pumps. Envirogear® Select will find all the models that meet a specific set of application requirements or a user can jump directly to a particular model and view a pump’s capability. Select has a built in library of fluids and allows users to add their own fluid products. All selections can be saved under a project and sent to PSG Dover for quotation.

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