Envirogear Mag Drive Pumps

Envirogear® E Series Magnetic Drive Pumps

The Envirogear® G Series offer a simple design with superior performance over other magnetic drive gear pumps. There are only seven primary parts are shown in the exploded view below.

The patented between the bearing support system reduces shaft deflections. The shaft deflections can cause rotors to casing wear, head wear and early shaft seal failure. Relatively large radial bushings and large spindle diameters also contribute to longer life pumps.

The unique design results in:
  • High reliability and durability
  • Lower overall cost of ownership
  • Increased environmental and fluid handling safety
  • Interchangeability with mechanically sealed and packed gear pumps.
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    Dimensional Interchangeability

    The EnviroGear® E Series pumps are dimensionally interchangeable with Tuthill®, Gormann-Rupp® and Viking® packed and sealed gear pumps. That means you can upgrade to seal-less technology with minimal installation costs and labor. Installs with:
  • No piping changes: Port sizes and locations match
  • No driver or coupling changes: Drive shaft size and location match; nominal input power matches
  • No flow rate changes: Nominal flow rate matches
  • No baseplate changes: Mounting foot hole pattern matches

    Dimensional Comparison to Gear Pumps

    Interchangeability with Lobe Pumps
    The EnviroGear® E Series side-ported casing is interchangeable with select lobe pumps.

    Dimensional Comparison to Select Lobe Pumps.
  • Single Liquid Chamber

    Most traditional magnetically-coupled pumps have a hydraulic rotor that is connected to an inner magnet section by a shaft. The shaft rotates with the rotor and magnet section and is supported by a bracket component. This bracket separates the hydraulic fluid chamber from the magnet fluid chamber, which makes it difficult to provide reliable cooling and recirculation in the magnet fluid chamber. In all cases, the cooling path consists of long, narrow passageways that are restrictive, making the canister cooling more difficult. It also makes for a more complex design.
    The Envirogear® is a simplier design, which results in improved fluid circulation, and improved canister cooling.

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